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Our Services
  • Cut.Color.Style.
    At Fresh Salon.Spa.Style, hair has always been our number one priority. All of our stylists are chosen for their exceptional talent, and their ability to understand the individual needs of each of their clients. We are proud of the various educational backgrounds of each professional, as well as the diversity and flexibility which we can offer in your choice of a hair stylist. We also believe that ongoing education is essential to being the best at your craft, and our stylists receive continuous training on the newest tips, techniques, and trends from the best in the industry.
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  • Spa.
    Step into the elegant yet relaxing atmosphere of Fresh Salon.Spa.Style. Let your stress melt away with one of our signature massages. If you need to decompress or alleviate tired or stiff muscles, we offer a variety of massage Sarasota treatments that are sure to suit your needs. Whether it’s a deep-tissue massage to soothe those aching muscles or a little pampering with our fragrant oils and lotions, you are sure to feel refreshed, invigorated and deeply relaxed when you leave our spa.
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  • Bridal.
    Fresh Bridal hair salon Sarasota offers an array of services to pamper you and your loved ones both on, and before your special day. We provide bridal hair and makeup services at our salon and spa in downtown Sarasota, or at a location of your choice. Enjoy a glass of champagne in our spa lounge before your service or ask us to plan a bridal luncheon in our garden as a part of your spa day. With the recent addition of Tammy Gamso as Bridal Coordinator, we are able to provide even more detailed attention to the individual needs of each bride and her family and friends
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  • Nails.
    Unwind in our luxury nail spa, and let the dedicated nail specialists of Fresh Salon.Spa.Style, treat you to any of our luxurious nail services. At Fresh, we offer both natural and artificial nail services. Our indulgent manicure and pedicure services are performed using Bella Lucce organic products, and were designed to stimulate your senses as well as leave your hands and feet looking beautiful. We offer long wear manicures using Shellac, OPI Gel and Essie. Artificial nail services at Fresh Salon.Spa.Style are performed using high quality products and techniques, to protect the health of your nails. We offer acrylic, gel, pink & white, and silk artificial nails. We use OPI and Essie polishes, and offer a wide array of colors, both classic and following current trends. All of our Bella Lucce skin products are available for purchase to maintain the health of your hands and feet between your manicure and pedicure appointments.
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